Summer Select

What is Summer Select? Just a quick overview of the program!

Q: What is Summer Select?

A: Summer Select is a program rebooted by SJGSL (SJYS) in 2017 as a supplemental summer program for players in South Jersey. This will be our second year offering select opportunities to boys players also.

Q: Who is eligible to tryout?

A: Players register for posted tryouts to be held in December. Tryouts are FREE and are open to all players in SJGSL and SJSL. New this year, if your club plays in the SJ leagues but your child’s team left for better competition, your child is eligible to participate.

Q: What ages can tryout?

A: Age groups for 2024 are 2009 – 2015. We will allow 2016 players to tryout for the 2015 but all other ages will have only age appropriate players. Players will tryout with their appropriate birth year, which may be different from the age they play at their town clubs.

Q: How many teams per age?

A: At a minimum we will select for one (1) team per age group. If there is substantial quality in the age, and numbers support it, we may elect to host two (2) teams.

Q: How often does the team practice?

A: The teams generally train once a week, starting in April and continuing for 12-18 training sessions through the last tournament. At the conclusion of the league season, teams may add a second training night to their schedule. That will be a determination of the coach at team together. Last summer most teams began in March or April and most teams held more than 20 training sessions during the program.

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: Teams practice once weekly, but the location and time is determined by the coach and team once formed. We try and find a central location to train when available. The teams play three (3) summer tournaments during June and July which are also determined by the coach and team based on availability. And we ask that all selected players consider their availability when accepting the position. Some teams train more than once weekly once the spring season is finished.

Q: What is the cost to accepted players?

A: The fee for accepted players is $400. For that players get, a player pass, training, three tournaments, a complete NIKE kit (colors change yearly), and a training top. Plus goalkeeper specific training weekly, for all Summer Select goalkeepers and the option for a GK uniform.

Q: Where do we find the coaching staff?

A: The staff is comprised of local coaches and trainers from our member clubs. The application is posted on the website and any coach is welcome to apply. We strive for coaches with extensive experience training and developing high level players. We only have a few requirements: we do not generally allow coaches to coach their child, or the age and gender they coach during the season. We do this to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to make the team, and to limit any temptation to recruit.

Q: What is the SJYS Select EPP program?

A: The SJYS Select EPP program is a year round program, developed by our board and coaching staff. It is designed to give players a year round, high level playing experience at a reasonable cost, including tournaments and league play. Families and teams from our program have requested this evolution and we are excited to make it happen. For teams created at U13 and below, players will be required to remain with their local teams and play EPP also. For teams U14 and above, players are not required to participate on a league team at the same time. Cost is based on the age of the team and will be explained to everyone at the time of tryouts. This is not as expansive yet as our normal select program so not every age is forming teams right now.

Any other questions, please email